Coming in Spring 2014


A lion in a lamb’s world…

That’s me!

This place doesn’t look like much right now, but just hold your panties on.

When at long last this website opens, it will serve to represent my person, my profession, and my talents as a brand.

My mission – which I am sane:insane enough to accept – is to affect some kind of positive change upon a specific set of topics which I care for passionately, as well as allow myself a creative outlet for my interests.

What kind of topics, you wonder?

There will be three main purposes for this website — a blog, a campaign driver, and a laboratory.

On my blog, I will mainly focus on the topics of Interface Design, Web Engineering, Information Security, Internet Law, Philosophy / Sociology / Politics, and Mindful Living. There will also be some discussion about my adventures through college to becoming a Chemical Engineer specializing in Nanotechnology for space applications.

Campaign driving will basically be accomplished by placing an especially large focus on a particular issue discussed in the blog.

The ‘laboratory’ is more or less the entire website. In addition to the blogging and campaigning, it will also be used to host public web development projects like tools and proofs of concept.

Want to know when it opens?

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